• Integral Steel Flange Type

    The integral steel flange type rubber expansion joint completely absorbs thrust force to be occurred from expansion joints during operation, so no thrust force is transmitted to counter flange.
    By using the integral steel flange type design, counter flange type design, counter flange is completely protected from such thrust force, and it absolutely guarantees safety, reliability and long lifecycle. The following parameters should be considered:
    -Operating pressure
    -Product Dimension
    -Design Movements
    -Flange Characteristics (GRP)

  • Molded Type

    1.Water treatment, swage treatment and air purification systems.
    2.Chemical and industrial process pipe line, vibration stress line, protect pumps and valves.
    3.Heating, ventilation and air conditioning - iso late the mechanical noise and vibration.
    4.Power plants - absorb thermal expansion lines, condenser lines, steam turbine exhaust lines, suction lines, nuclear and fossile fuel plant.
    5.Shipboard installations involve system heating, circulation water suction and discharge. "

  • Spool Type

    ·Single to multi as required
    ·Retaining split rings material / Galvanized
    Carbon steel or stainless steel ANSI, DIN, PN and BS available.
    ·ANSI 150 lb drilling is standard.
    ·Other flange code drilling as required.
    ·Reinforcement / Spiral steel wire or steel bar.
    ·Pipe diameter size 2inch to 144inch.
    ·Internal liner cover use special materials for resistance to acid.
    ·High temperature resistant fabric for up to 400。F
    ·Mininum pressure safety factor : 4 to 1
    ·Pressures, vacuum ratings and temperature tolerance as detailed inside.