Mueller Co



    Mueller dry barrel hydrants are the most often installed brand in North America. Super Centurion® Fire Hydrants (to 250 psig/1724kPa working pressure), Super Conturion® Moniter Style Fire Hydrants (250 psig/1724kPa), Modern Centurion® fire hydrants (200 psig/1379kPa), as well as spin-in, flush and post type hydrants are offered. Mueller fire hydrants feature a unique stainless steel safety stem coupling that breaks cleanly during traffic impact to minimize hydrant damage and allow economical repair. "


    With water supply safety a growing concern, Mueller offers security options for virtually any level of protection, 24/7. The ultimate in passive security is the Super Centurion 250/HS™ “High Security” Fire Hydrant, which features an in-line check valve built into its shoe connection. The add-on Hydrant Defender™ Security Device can be placed over almost any brand hydrant to prevent unauthorized access.
    Other operating nut protection devices are also available to prevent unauthorized access to water or hydrant components."