• Bronze Gate Valve (W-WB131)

    Application: Industrial, water treatment, building services, municipal.
    Features: - Easy installation & good seal performance.
    - The disc seal face and body seal face with closed state, not easy be medium erosion.
    - Easy operation, open the quick and easy to maintenance.
    - Medium flow direction unrestrained.

  • Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve (W-405)

    Function: Realizing piping system connection and cut-off;
    Applications: Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water treatment, etc.;
    1. Low fluid resistance;
    2. Unrestricted media flow direction;
    3. Good sealing performance;
    4. Saving installation space;
    5. Stainless steel;

  • Rising Stem Resilient Wedge gate valve (W-Z41X-16Q)

    The Watts series W-Z41X realize on-off of piping system, it’s generally used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water treatment, etc.
    1. Small fluid resistance;
    2. Unrestricted medium flow direction;
    3. Good sealing performance;
    4. Interpretable opening degree.