• Brass check valve (W-WB451B)

    Function: Rely on flow of the medium itself to automatically open
    and close the disc, so as to prevent media backflow;
    Applications: Building services, municipal waterworks and light

  • Silent Check Valve (402)

    The Watts Series 402 Silent Check Valve rely on the media itself flow,
    realizing automatic opening and closing the Disc, it is used to prevent
    the medium backflow, and also known as non-return valve, one-way valve
    and reflux valve. The valve is suitable for water supply and drainage
    systems, high-rise building pipe network, and widely used in the pipeline
    of pump discharge
    1. Operates horizontally or vertically;
    2. Minimum head loss;
    3. Silent, reliable sealing, compact;
    4. Exceptional robustness;
    5. Does not generate hammering;
    6. long back axial guiding for reduced displacement of disc;
    7. Flange notch provided for cable to submerged pumps until DN 100.

  • Swing Check Valve (W-H44X-16Q)

    Function: Automatically open and close the disc by relying on
    flow of the medium itself to prevent media backflow.
    Applications: Petroleum, refining, water treatment, etc.
    Product Features:
    1. Good opening and closing performance under low pressure.
    2. Low head loss.
    3. Long service life.